Retour aux sources …English setter club et concours

6 avril 2013 à 16 h 03 min

English Setter Club

Le retour aux sources sur le site du Setter Club Anglais consacré au field trial…

Fondé en 1880… à méditer… et à  aller sur les origines de nos chiens qui tous descendent de ces quelques setters  qui ont fait notre race !

The English Setter Club was founded at the Curzon hall, Birmingham, on December 1st 1890. It was proposed that a Club be formed « whose objects would be the improvement of the English Setter not only in regard to perfection in form etc., but in respect to practical use in the field ». The interest in Shows steadily declined until 1950, since when the object of the Club has been to promote Field Trials and to adopt such other means as may be deemed advisable for the encouragement of the English Setter….

English Setter Club – Gallery.

Un exemple d’un chien né en 1927  sur la base de généalogie  WEST DOWN TURVY


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